Questions We Have Discussed This Year…

  1. Who are you? What makes you you?
  2. What would it be like to travel to ‘Planet Hip-Hop?’
  3. What can you buy with 2p?
  4. What are your favourite things?
  5. What do you think about Minecraft?
  6. What is there too many/much of in your life/ the world?
  7. What is there not enough of in your life / the world?
  8. What do you think about racism towards Travellers?
  9. Why is music important to you?
  10. How are doors important to your life?
  11. How has your life changed since you were in Reception class?
  12. How has it stayed the same?

My mum always says to me, “You grow up so fast,”
So let me take a minute to reflect on my past,
Thinking back to Nursery, I used to love Power Rangers,
Now I’m getting set for secondary - more strangers, more danger.

What’s Changed?


A short film of interviews recorded by members of Power to the Pupils in conversation with each other. Recorded June 2013.

New display of work-in-progress.

Last Monday we spent some time reflecting on last year’s album and planning this year’s album. We recorded our discussion an iphone.

"Real-life heroes don’t wear disguises,

Real-life heroes can’t fly,

And they don’t work alone, they work together,

Because they need other folks to get by.”

Every worker is a hero, every hero works hard,
They could be a doctor or a nurse or a guard,
It could by a fireman putting fires out in the park,
It could be a boy who once was scared of the dark.

I’m like Clark Kent, loosening his tie,
I’m like James Bond, I’m an undercover spy,
I’m like Batman, I’m one heck of a guy

Heroes collage by Power to the Pupils

Today we talked about Nelson Mandela.

Today we talked about Nelson Mandela.